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YEAH!!!!! I just received my results!! DOUBLE DISTINCTION!!!!!!! v(^O^)v

And...... I will be going tour leading to Japan in Dec!!! XDDDDD
1st trip out on 7 Dec~~
Will be going Osaka, Universal Studios Japan, Kyoto, Shirakawa-go, Takayama, Mt. Fuji, Tokyo, Disney!!!!!
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Now playing pc in class~ LOL!!!!
We are using the pc lab today~ YEAH!!!!
Poor Shahid.. nobody seems to be listening to  his lesson.. he's amusing though~
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Getting addicted to finding/searching things in wikipedia...

Searched for Swine Flu article today, cos I wonder how people can die from it. But can't find useful info.
Searched for Antacid last nite, cos dad asked me for TUMS (antacid from USA) last nite. There's so many different types.. hmm...
Searched for Battle Royale Movie info a few days ago, cos wanted to know more (although I have the VCD for both movies. LOL!)
Searched for KinKi Kids few days ago, cos saw the fc clip in YT that they went to Korea (For Honeymoon! LOL!! USO!!).
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I'm curious.... Will a person go to hell if he/she commit sucide?
Will not be able to go to heaven already?
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Ahahahaha!!! I went to watch Endless SHOCK today!!! <3333333
Yappari Koichi-sama KAKKOII!!!!~ <3333333

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Hi All~~ XDDDD

I went to Tokyo today~ LOL!!!
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Woke up late today... AGAIN!! LOL!!!

Anyway, woke up near noon and then went over to Himeji...
Wanted to go to Mt. Shosha..

Anyway, it was quite a disappointing trip.
I nearly died walking up the slopes there!!! ALL UP GOING SLOPES!!! *faint*
there was nothing much to see there anyway..
Should have gone to the castle instead... sigh...
I love the castle~ It's the only 'un touched' castle in Japan that's not made into a museum!! XDDDD

Anyway, got my tickets to Shirahama tomorrow morning.
Hopefully I will be able to wake up on time...
Cos there's nothing to watch on TV today...
Watched [Mei chan not Shitsuji], [Triangle], [Kinan] and some bangumi like [Shin Domoto Kyoudai], [Ariehen Sekai] and [Janiben].
Janiben yesterday was quite amusing~ Subaru 'reveals' that he likes HEELS on women~ LOL!!!! and Ohkura was embarressed cos he had the '1st class seat' behind the guest. and the photo they showed of her was a gravia pic of her back with her butt line shown.. LOL!!!!

Have booked the 7.10am train to Tokyo on Sat~ I miss Betty~ She's all alone there waiting for me~
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Yo~ went shopping yesterday and made a trip to Kyoto too to have my ramen~ LOL!!!
It wasn't as good as the 1st time I had it... sigh...

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hahahahha!! I woke up at 11.30am in the end and didn't make it for the free breakfast.. LOL!!!
Nevermind.. my appetite is getting smaller anyway~

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Yo! I'm now in Osaka!!

My butt was aching like nuts! Cos I was sitting for like 7hours on the plane.
4.5hrs on the train... XDDD

Anyway, soaked in the bath just now and watched SDK at the same time! LOL!!!

Wanted to go to Fancl just now but left the hotel too late. Fancl closes at 8pm at Osaka side.

Will do some shopping tmr and the next few days..
Tink I will not be going to some of the places that I had planned to go to. kekeke... LAZY BUM!!!! LOL!!!!

I:m still wondering what the hell did I plan to go to the JE shop when I dun tink I have anything to get from there.

Going to sleep now! Can't wait to eat breakfast tmr! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!
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